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Laboratory Analysis

VALOR Labs Inc. is located in Lloydminster/Blackfoot, Alberta. 

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We offer the following analytical test methods:

  • ASTM D86 Distillation of Petroleum Products and Liquid Fuels at Atmospheric Press
  • ASTM D93 Flash Point by Pensky-Martens Closed Cup Tester
  • ASTM D97 Pour Point of Petroleum Products
  • ASTM D482 Ash Content
  • ASTM D664 Acid Number of Petroleum Products by Potentiometric Titration
  • ASTM D1500 Color of oil
  • ASTM D1796 Standard Test Method for Water and Sediment in Fuel Oils by the Centrifuge Method
  • ASTM D2420 Standard Test Method for Hydrogen Sulfide in Liquefied Petroleum (LP) Gases (Lead Acetate Method)
  • ASTM D2500 Cloud Point of Petroleum Products and Liquid Fuels
  • ASTM D3700 Obtaining LPG Samples Using a Floating Piston Cylinder
  • ASTM D4007 Water and Sediment in Crude Oil by the Centrifuge Method
  • ASTM D4057 Manual Sampling of Petroleum and Petroleum Products
  • ASTM D4294 Sulfur in Petroleum and Petroleum Products by Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry
  • ASTM D4530 Determination of Carbon Residue-Micro Method
  • ASTM D4807 Sediment in Crude Oil by Membrane Filtration
  • ASTM D4928 Water in Crude Oils by Coulometric Karl Fischer
  • ASTM D4929 Organic Chloride Content in Crude Oil
  • ASTM D4952 Qualitative Analysis for Active Sulfur Species in Fuels and Solvents (Doctor Test)
  • ASTM D5002 Density, Relative Density, and API Gravity of Crude Oils by Density Analyzer
  • ASTM D5191 Vapour Pressure of Petroleum Products (Mini Method)
  • ASTM D5705 Hydrogen Sulfide in Vapour Phase Above Residual Fuel Oils
  • ASTM D5708 Metals in crude via ICP
  • ASTM D5853 Pour Point of Crude Oils
  • ASTM D5854 Mixing and Handling of Liquid Samples of Petroleum and Petroleum Products
  • ASTM D6377 Determination of Vapor Pressure of Crude Oil VPCRx (Expansion Method)
  • ASTM D6378 VPx Triple Expansion Method
  • ASTM D6470 Salt in crude oil
  • ASTM D6560 Asphaltenes (Heptane Insolubles) in Crude
  • ASTM D7042 Dynamic Viscosity and Density of Liquids by Stabinger Viscometer (and the Calculation of Kinematic Viscosity)
  • ASTM D7346 No Flow and Pour Point of Petroleum Products
  • ASTM D8150 Org Chloride Content by Distillation followed by Combustion Ion
  • CCQTA Guidelines for Obtaining Single-Phase Crude Oil Samples for Analysis V1.1
  • CCQTA Vapour Pressure Measurement Best Practice
  • GPA-2177 Natural Gas Liquid Mixtures Containing Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide by Gas Chromatography
  • GPA-2286 Extended Analysis of Natural Gas and Similar Gaseous Mixtures by Temperature Program Gas Chromatography
  • UOP-163 Hydrogen Sulfide and Mercaptan Sulfur in Liquid Hydrocarbons by Potentiometric Titration