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Sample Collection

At the heart of any successful production process lie two key elements: first, obtaining a small sample that is truly representative of the whole, followed by an analysis of that sample using standard techniques and methods to establish compliance and quality of the source. SGS sampling services support you in achieving these goals.

Obtaining a truly representative sample at this sort of level is a job for experienced professionals, using tried and tested equipment and working to internationally accepted norms and standards. 

An excellent sample can become a useless one very quickly in untrained hands. We offer sampling and laboratory analytical services to our clients of the highest standard, carried out by experienced trained staff.

  • Benchtop analytical instrument maintenance, verification, and calibration.
  • Online analyzer maintenance, verification, and calibration.
  • Field testing and optimization support to maximize client profitability.
  • Development of blending programs, increased pipeline capacity, and accurately measured quality.
  • Evenings, weekend, and holiday coverage for site operators.
  • Operational training (sampling, testing, equipment maintenance, verification, and calibration) either on-site or in a classroom setting.

Quality Data.

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